Imagine Cup 2014 finals.

Chosen to represent the United Kingdom at the Microsoft Student Partner Global Summit, I got the chance to travel to Microsoft HQ in Redmond, explore the wonderful city of Seattle and finishing it all off with the Imagine Cup 2014 finals!

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PhysiHealth is a physiotherapy home exercise application for Windows Phone allowing patients to perform their exercises at home with advise from the system.

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Picstra is a new social media photo challenge application for Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 that will put photographer's skills up against each other.

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Check out the projects that I have worked on as part of my personal and academic development, including Picstra and PhysiHealth for Windows Phone and Windows 8.1.

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Developing mobile apps for Windows Phone and Windows 8 is my speciality.

My passion for developing applications pushes me to constantly challenge myself to create innovative and robust solutions.

I am also an avid technological evangelist aiming to encourage students to learn to code from all ages as a Microsoft YouthSpark advocate.